Whole child therapy

• Building competence, self-esteem and motivation

• The right challenge, at the right time, with the right support

It’s not always obvious that a skill gap can affect the whole child. But everything we learn and every action we take involves the integration of many systems and processes. Because much of what we do is automatic, problem areas may be overlooked because we are so used to seeing them.

We look with fresh eyes and assess and treat the whole child, from underlying causes to specific skill gaps. Our whole child approach looks at all areas, including sensory processing, primitive reflex pattern integration, emotional regulation, self-care, executive functioning and other vital cognitive skills. Read our blog to discover the science behind the programs.

We always see the child first and connect with each child through love, acceptance and our belief that change is possible.

Our programs provide the right challenge, at the right time with the right support, building competence, self-esteem and motivation. Our approach opens social and academic opportunities for your child as the skills they learn are transformed into the tools for happiness and success.