Whole child occupational therapy – what is it?

• Building competence, self-esteem and motivation

• The right challenge, at the right time, with the right support

It might sound obvious but simply put we assess and treat the whole child not just the “problem”.

Our whole child approach assesses areas, including

  • sensory processing,
  • primitive reflex pattern integration,
  • emotional regulation,
  • self-care,
  • executive functioning,
  • ocular motor, and visual motor integration
  • and other vital skills.

We utilize a child’s interests and skills to support them as they bridge gaps.

We look with fresh eyes and assess and treat the whole child, from underlying causes to specific skill gaps.

We always see the child first and connect with each child through love, acceptance and our belief that change is possible!

Our programs provide the right challenge, at the right time with the right support, building competence, self-esteem, and motivation. Our approach opens social and academic opportunities for your child as the skills they learn are transformed into the tools for happiness and success.