The team

Our staff, you, and your child.

Inspire Therapy Solutions team

Transformation is achieved one step at a time and with consistent practice. If a child spends most of her time practicing doing things incorrectly that is what the brain learns to do. You will not get the skill you are looking for!

Our home-based programs are not for everybody. If they are right for you, we know that our support and training gives you the right tools to make meaningful, lasting change and open opportunities for their child.

Our simple whole child training techniques download 23+ years of experience into your brain and hands!

We provide the level of support that works best for you, as well as resources, tips and techniques that have evolved through practice and experience. Sometimes working with a child who has challenges can be frustrating and/or exhausting. Using the simple techniques, we teach, changes the dynamic and creates more space for loving, engagement with your child. Mirror neurons mean that you will benefit from the work too!

Therapy support staff

At Inspire Therapy Solutions we share values and as well our whole child approach to success. Our clinicians bring a wealth of dedication and experience to your team. When you connect with us, you will have an individual therapist as your contact person. She/he will be there to answer your questions, guide and support you through the triumphs and challenges.

Each clinician also has a support network which is all of us! We combine our knowledge and experience, and share those with you.