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From parents and carers…


“Susan is that rare combination of expertise and heart. She is a gifted occupational therapist who challenges children to be the best that they can be and she truly cares about each individual and family. She is very committed to her work and has an in-depth knowledge of many types of therapies.

Our three kids have grown tremendously since they have been working with her, especially in the areas of reflex integration, sensory processing, visual integration, breathing techniques and fine motor skills. They each developed an excellent rapport with Susan, finding common interests while she is always maintaining a respectful relationship.

What’s especially wonderful about working with Susan is that she is always willing to strategize with other professionals, the parents, and child in order to ensure that our sensory children get the support they need in every environment.

Susan is bright, dedicated and truly cares about each and every child with whom she works. We cannot thank her enough for the patience and positive attitude she showed towards our children over the years and it’s a true privilege to have her continue to work with them.”

C & M, parents

“I just wanted to share that C is definitely getting to and staying asleep better. He is drifting off by 9pm on his own and up by 7:30am. Unprecedented!”

SD, parent

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