Terms and conditions

  1.  Participants in the Inspire Therapy Solutions home programs will need to provide their contact details, including their email address.
  2. Inspire Therapy Solutions keeps a database of participants’ contact details. This information is stored securely. Contact details may be shared with others attending the same training or small group and not passed on to other parties.
  3. Participants should inform Inspire Therapy Solutions administration if they do not want to share contact details with other participants on the same training course.
  4. Participants agree to use the program for personal use only and agree not to copy, share, distribute or use the material in any way other than to help their individual child/children.
  5. Inspire Therapy Solutions reserves the right to block access to training courses to participants who are mis-using the materials.
  6. Places in the home program small group sessions will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If a group is over-subscribed, you can request to be placed on a waiting list or select a suitable alternative group time/event.
  7. If you are unable to attend a scheduled individual meeting (in person, via Skype or phone) with your clinician, please give 24 hours’ notice and reschedule your appointment. Failure to notify a cancellation may result in a fee for your clinician’s time.
  8. Inspire Therapy Solutions’ questionnaires and assessment materials are not used for medical diagnosis. Diagnosis should be made by the relevant medical/healthcare professional.
  9. When the program exercises are used in the way demonstrated on the videos they are safe. Please ensure you a completely familiar with the technique for each exercise before using it on your child.
  10. Inspire Therapy Solutions is not responsible when exercises are not completed in the manner laid out in the training videos.
  11. Inspire Therapy Solutions reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time. If this happens, participants will be informed of the changes.