Whole child strategies for specific learning disabilities (whole child vision support) program

• Building a solid foundation • Working on specific skill gaps

• Building a solid foundation

• Working on specific skill gaps

Eighty percent of the information we process is visual!

We use our eyes to help keep us safe in the environment, perform fine motor tasks, read, write and draw.

Vision is impacted by posture, primary patterns (also known as primitive reflexes) and sensory processing, as well as coordination of the muscles around the eyes.

The whole child vision support program improves the foundations while working on specific skill gaps such as eye control during reading and writing.

Your program contains:

  • An introduction to the program-audio and text
  • 11 short, simple video clips 2 to 3 minutes long showing you exactly how to do each exercise
  • Charts to help track your progress and let your child record his/her achievement
  • Pictures – to help engage your child and give him/her a sense of control
  • Goal setting chart if you would like to track progress
  • Support information

Cost: $296

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