The whole child solution for anxiety

Tools that calm kids and parents too!

The symptoms of anxiety reach into all areas of our lives, affecting learning, memory and behavior. Anxiety impacts our relationships, choices and the simple enjoyment of life.

Using a whole child approach, we address the underlying processes, breath patterns, sensory processing, and primary patterns (also known as primitive reflexes) while teaching the child to use coping strategies like yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Our programs give you, the parent, the tools to teach your child to manage her anxiety. Practicing the techniques with your child as you teach him will help you feel calm and relaxed and improve your life, while you are helping your child to improve his!

Your program contains:

  • An introduction to the program-audio and text
  • 7 short, simple video clips 2 to 3 minutes long showing you exactly how to do each exercise
  • Deep relaxation audios-one for daytime use another for nighttime use
  • Charts to help track your progress and let your child record his/her achievement
  • Pictures – to help engage your child and give him/her a sense of control
  • Goal setting chart if you would like to track progress
  • Support information

Cost: $296

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