Optimal sensory processing

Creating a solid base for building connections, relationships and skills

The whole child solution for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Our whole child optimal sensory processing program improves the child’s ability to process sensory information to building connections, relationships, and skills.

It is estimated that 70% of children diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder have sensory processing problems. Information from our sensory systems, when processed correctly, is the foundation for skill building and creates a sense of comfort and safety on our own body and our world. If there is a problem with how the information is processed, building skills, making social connections, and dealing with the challenges of everyday life will be affected.

Your program contains:

  • An introduction to the program – audio and text
  • 7 short, simple video clips 2 to 3 minutes long showing you exactly how to do each exercise
  • Charts to help track your progress and let your child record his/her achievement
  • Pictures – to help engage your child and give him/her a sense of control
  • Goal setting chart if you would like to track progress
  • Support information

Cost: $197

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