The fine motor coordination program

Developing fine motor control of the eyes and the mouth

When we think or talk about fine motor coordination, we are often referring to motor skills in the hands. For success in life, though, a child also needs to develop fine motor control of the eyes and the mouth.

The eyes: There are five small muscles around each eye controlling intricate movements required for reading and writing with ease and efficiency. We use these fine motor movements to shift from word to word while reading and to correctly space the letters and words we write. The mouth: We need fine motor control of the mouth and the tongue for effective eating and for communication — particularly for clear, understandable articulation. Effective communication is more than the spoken word alone. Our facial expressions and body language communicate what we’re thinking and feeling. Relationships are built on our ability to ‘read’ the fine motor movements of non-verbal communication. A child must be able to perform these actions before he can recognise them in others and respond appropriately. Our program is the perfect adjunct to working with your speech and language pathologist on feeding and/or communication problems.

Cost: $296

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