The breathe well, sleep well, eat well program

• Improving attention and focus • Regulating sleep patterns

• Creating positive changes in eating habits

• Improving attention and focus

• Regulating sleep patterns

• Creating positive changes in eating habits

Regardless of our age, we must have good basic functions. Many children with challenges experience problems sleeping, have food-related issues, such as problems with textures, or have irregular/inefficient breathing patterns.

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The quality of our breathing affects our physical, emotional and mental health. Breathing is a unique process because it both is automatic (unconscious) and controllable (conscious).

Many children with challenges, particularly those diagnosed with ASD, have irregular or inefficient breathing patterns. The good news is we can change breathing patterns and so improve attention, focus and sleep. We can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress and support optimal functioning of the heart and lungs.

Our program builds optimal breath patterns — a powerful tool in regulating emotions, supporting attention, reducing/eradicating anxiety, and enhancing whole-body health and wellbeing.


Sleep is vital to our health and wellbeing. Many children with challenges have poor sleeping patterns which not only impact them but often other members of the family too.

Better sleep improves all aspects of our lives. Helping to regulate sleep patterns is vital and an important part of lasting change.

Our program uses effective sleep hygiene sensory strategies and primary patterning to promote restful, restorative sleep.


Food issues are common, emotionally charged and challenging to overcome. Using the whole-child approach offers gentle, child-paced strategies to support positive changes in eating habits.

Our program helps children process textures and build the patterns for better eating habits.

Cost: $296

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