Motor coordination – whole child solutions (bilateral integration and coordination) program

Developing motor, cognitive and emotional skills

Coordinating body and both hands to develop effective motor, cognitive and emotional skills.

For success in life, a child needs to develop fine motor control of the eyes and the mouth as well as the hands!

Hand skills – Effective, efficient fine motor coordination is the foundation of self-care skills such as buttoning, tying shoelaces, holding, and using utensils and cleaning our teeth.

Fine motor coordination of the hands underpins our academic progress through writing letters and numbers, and as we become more skilled, writing becomes a tool for learning, showing understanding and demonstrating creativity.

The eyes – There are 5 small muscles around each eye that control the intricate movements required to read and write with ease and efficiency. We use these fine motor movements to shift from word to word while reading and to correctly space the letters and words we write.

The mouth – We need fine motor control of the mouth and the tongue for effective eating and for communication particularly for clear, understandable articulation.

Effective communication is more than just the spoken word. Our facial expressions and body language communicate what we are thinking and feeling. Relationships are built on our ability to “read” the fine motor movements of non-verbal communication.

We work closely with Speech and Language pathologists when tackling feeding and or communication problems.

Your program contains:

  • An introduction to the program-audio and text
  • 7 short, simple video clips 2 to 3 minutes long showing you exactly how to do each exercise
  • Charts to help track your progress and let your child record his/her achievement
  • Pictures – to help engage your child and give him/her a sense of control
  • Goal setting chart if you would like to track progress
  • Support information

Cost: $197

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