Whole child occupational therapy

“Children tend to live up to what we expect of them” Ladybird Johnson, First Lady

“The human body is a masterpiece of complexity and beauty … your senses set the boundaries of what you can experience” Dr. David Eagleman, Neuroscientist

“Seeking and finding the solution rather than fixating on the problem…” Coach Bobbi

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” Angela Schwindt


Thank you for exploring this site. You have opened the door to our practice, where we believe knowledge is power and action creates change!

Our proven programs and strategies help children with diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), as well as children who may be struggling in areas such as sensory processing, emotional regulation, anxiety, self-care or handwriting, to reach their full potential.

We assess and treat the whole child, looking at foundational processes as well as specific skill gaps, while building skills, social tools, motivation and self-esteem. Our whole child philosophy is underpinned by kindness, compassion and conscious awareness.

Read our blogs to learn about the processes that build lifelong skills. Perhaps you’ll recognize your child in the post about sensory processing. You may see him or her in the post about primitive reflexes, or gain new insight into the connection between primitive reflex integration and optimal sensory processing.

Explore our range of creative options to help you access our services, from individually-crafted video-based programs and home-schooling to clinic-based sessions.

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“Keep knocking and eventually the joy inside will open the window to see who’s there.” Rumi

Options to suit you and your child

Home-based programs

Individually crafted video-based programs guide you through the method, step by step. You select the level of support that works best for you and your family.

Simple-to-use home programs to help your child

Home schooling

Our programs work beautifully for students who are home-schooled because they can be combined with the right academic, motor and social components of your child’s curriculum to create seamless, fun daily lessons.

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Clinic-based sessions

Our highly trained specialist clinicians develop a relationship with your child built on acceptance and trust, while implementing our proven programs in a playful, relaxed setting.

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Added Flexibility

If you prefer, your child’s program can start with some face-to-face sessions at our clinic before beginning a home-based video program. If you choose this option, you’ll typically start with an evaluation and come to the clinic for two or three sessions then transition to the home-based video program.

Whole child occupational therapy

It’s not always obvious that a skill gap can affect the whole child. But everything we learn and every action we take involves the integration of many systems and processes. Because much of what we do is automatic, problem areas may be overlooked because we are so used to seeing them.

Our whole child approach looks at all areas, including sensory processing, primitive reflex pattern integration, emotional regulation, self-care, executive functioning and other vital cognitive skills.

Our programs provide the right challenge, at the right time with the right support — building skills, competence, self-esteem and motivation. Our approach opens social and academic opportunities for your child as the skills they learn are transformed into the tools for happiness and success.

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